If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I had the best experience!! Just getting my teeth evaluated was amazing. It is probably one of the best places to go for braces.”
— Arnav G.

“I originally knew I needed braces, but I didn’t look forward to them. I really love Dr. Lindsay, Dr. Magruder and their staff! They are extremely friendly, and are very quick with my appointments.”
— Samantha H.

“The staff at Lindsay and Magruder Orthodontics is very nice. They are very comforting so there is no way you will feel nervous at all.”
— Alexis C.

“Lindsay and Magruder Orthodontics is a great place. They get you in fast and out, they have great service, and are so nice to their customers. I am so glad my dentist recommended them to my family. They are great and will treat you well.”
— Danielle M.

“Very awesome and fun. It was my first time to the orthodontist on Thursday the 27th, and I thought it wouldn’t be very fun. I like how they give you a chance to brush your teeth before you see her. It can make the patients feel fresher. AWESOME.”
— Makayla S.

“Lindsay and Magruder Orthodontics staff is very inviting. They are also very nice and also very sweet. Even though it was my first time there.”
— Mary Hannah P.

“Lindsay and Magruder Orthodontics has an open and welcoming appearance. The cheery staff greatly improved my experience and keep patients happy and comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Lindsay to anyone interested in improving their smile!”
— Erin R.

“Dr. Lindsay, Dr. Magruder and their whole team are so great. They’re always there when you need them to answer questions and help fix any problems you may be having.”
— Sahar J.

“I love Lindsay and Magruder Orthodontics. Everyone there is very nice and welcoming, and I actually enjoy going to the dentist. I never have to wait a long time and I like the way we check in. And my teeth are looking fantastic!!!”
— Myranda E.

“I love how into technology the office is. The staff is always positive and have great attitudes. Dr. Lindsay always wants to do the best for everyone’s teeth.”
— Annesley P.

“Dr. Lindsay, Dr. Magruder and their staff are AMAZING! You may go in there completely clueless and terrified about what is going to happen to you and your mouth, but as you go through the process, they explain everything and make sure that you feel comfortable and reassure you that it isn’t going to hurt (for too long at least). So far, I have had a great experience with Dr. Lindsay and I no longer dread having to go to the orthodontist. I am definitely happy with the treatment I am receiving. Thanks so much to Dr. Lindsay and her staff!!”
— Emily L.

“I’ve had two children in braces (within a four-year span) with Lindsay and Magruder Orthodontics (after first doing A LOT of research for the very best and visiting several other orthodontic practices beforehand) and highly recommend her. Everyone in the organization is top-notch! Heather Lindsay, DDS, MS is a perfectionist with her work and doesn’t believe in shortcuts regarding quality. Her credentials and expertise are impeccable, yet she is always available to answer any questions or concerns. Neither of my children has ever had to wait long to be seen by Dr. Lindsay and technicians after walking through the door, and completion time of the treatment visits are handled with such proficiency that I’ve never waited long in the waiting area. Both of my kids love everyone at Lindsay Orthodontics and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Everyone is friendly, personable, genuinely caring, efficient, and professional. And as a plus for the kids: there are the contests, ongoing patient rewards, and much more. I honestly don’t see how it could be any better!”
— Rachel I.

“I love Dr. Lindsay’s office! Everything there is clean and fresh. The staff smiles at you every time you visit. It is just a very welcoming place!”
— Kristi M.

“I like this place because people treat me like an adult and not a child and let me make decisions about what I’d like. The ladies know my name and always are very friendly. Doctor Lindsay is nice but honest and tells me straight up if I haven’t been doing something right. I tell all my friends where I go.”
— Jonathan W.

“This place is the best! They have pretty pictures, games, and music! All the people there are so nice and friendly too, plus they have an amazing rewards system.”
— Emily C.

“We loved our first visit to Lindsay Orthodontics!! Everyone there is so nice and the office is beautiful. Can’t wait to get started with my son’s braces.”
— Tyler P.

“The ladies are always nice and always give me advice on how to keep my mouth from hurting. I am on my second set of braces. They even noticed I got my haircut from the last time I was there. They really pay attention to me. I LOVE Dr. Lindsay’s!”
— Alexandra B.

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